Czech exchange in cinemas. Zátopka was replaced by The Adored

In Zbožňovaný, Bartoška played the title role of pediatrician Zdeněk, whom everyone loves. The granddaughter even writes about his school work about him. When Zdeněk is about to retire, he is mainly looking forward to peace.

After all, his wife Olga (Zuzana Kronerová) and mistress Dana (Ivana Chýlková) are also looking forward to that. But when the mistress learns that she is to be weaned “on the other side”, she does not want to just give up and reveals the truth to everyone at the family reunion.

Zátopek tells of the unwavering desire and willpower that inspires people all over the world to this day. The excellent role of Emil was played by the excellent Václav Neužil, and Dana Zátopková was just as well received by Martha Issová.

Emil Zátopek was played by Václav Neužil.

Foto: Lucky Man Films / Julie Vrabelová

The third place in the weekend attendance of cinemas, where he descended from last week’s second, was taken by the film Shang-Chi and the legend of ten rings.

The “ordinary” hero Shang-Chi lives in San Francisco and hides many secrets. One of them is that his father has ruled the criminal organization Ten Rings for a thousand years thanks to a mysterious artifact.

The most watched films in the Czech Republic
Last week
Film Number of visitors per weekend
1. Adored 22 305
2. 1. Zátopek 13 941
3. 2. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings 10 997
4. 3. Element, Shampoo, Dot and Charles 10 912
5. 4. Mimi’s boss: Family business 5790
6. 5. Paw patrol in the movie 5026
7. 6. After: The secret 4525
8. 8. Free Guy 4224
9. 7. Malignant evil 3687
10. 100% wolf 3612
Source: Union of Film Distributors
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