Czech T-Mobile sent its mother’s entire profit of 5.6 billion crowns to Germany last year

The domestic operator T-Mobile continues the tradition and paid its entire annual profit in the form of a dividend to its parent company, the German Deutsche Telekom. In 2019, it amounted to 5.596 billion crowns. This is shown by the data in the Commercial Register. Czech T-Mobile also provided a loan of 5.919 billion to its mother at the end of last year.

The dividend for last year is roughly at a similar amount as that for the year 2018. The Germans control the local T-Mobile through the Dutch Deutsche Telekom Europe BV Last year, T-Mobile CZ’s total annual revenues amounted to approximately 28.5 billion crowns.

T-Mobile states that it “has no disadvantages” in relation to the parent German group. “The companies in particular benefit from their participation in the group. The Group is a provider of top telecommunications services, with a strong brand and a strong financial background, from which the company benefits especially when concluding deals with its suppliers, ”writes the operator.

O2 also pays a strong dividend for last year. Its owner Thanks to that, PPF gained more than 6.5 billion crowns.

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