Croatia has long been one of the most popular summer destinations for Czech tourists. The Ministry of Health stated on Twitter today that it now records numerous cases of covid-19 among participants in mass events during their holidays in Croatia. On Friday, therefore, he advised these people to be cautious when returning to the Czech Republic, to avoid mass actions and to keep a safe distance from others. They should monitor their health and contact a doctor by phone immediately in case of symptoms, the ministry advises. They also recommend frequent hand washing and the use of disinfectant and sneezing in a disposable handkerchief or sleeve.

However, in the case of possible diseases abroad, the Ministry warns on the website that because the source of coronavirus cannot be traced back, it is not possible to determine the place and time of the infection with certainty. “The incubation period of covid-19 disease ranges from two to 14 days, on average five to six days, but we also encounter cases where the first symptoms appeared at the end of the incubation period,” the ministry writes.

Of the Czechs in whom covid-19 was detected in the week to August 19, another eight could become infected in Austria, four in Slovakia, France and Germany, according to the Ministry of Health. After Croatia, 142 cases are most likely to be infected in Austria (31), Slovakia (24), Poland (10) and Serbia (10). According to the ministry, Romania and, from next Monday, Spain are also at risk from European countries. During the holidays, the infection was detected in six people after returning from Romania and eight after arriving from Spain.

In the Czech Republic, 21,551 people have become infected with covid-19 so far, and on Friday the number of cases increased by 506, which is the highest daily increase so far. Since mid-July, the number of currently ill patients has been gradually growing, now there are over 5,000, which is also the most since the beginning of the spread of the disease in the Czech Republic. According to hygienists in the Czech Republic as well as in Croatia, the disease is often spread at mass events, such as parties or weddings, and patients are asymptomatic. Government officials and government epidemiologists have repeatedly pointed out that, in contrast to the first wave of the epidemic in the spring, coronavirus deaths and deaths are now significantly lower.

Numbers of imported covid-19 diseases since July 2020:

Earth 1.-13.7. 14.-21.7. 22.-27.7. 28.7.-4.8. 5.-12.8. 13.-19.8. Total
Croatia 2 4 6 24 71 35 142
Austria 0 16 2 5 0 8 31
Slovakia 3 4 0 3 10 4 24
Polish 0 0 1 0 6 3 10
Serbia 1 5 0 4 0 0 10

Source: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

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