Czechs in a lockdown long for nature. They attack cottages and caravans

Flexibility and freedom. According to Jan Pacovský from the Camping and Caravanning Association, these are the main advantages of traveling on four wheels. “It gives you the opportunity to decide from day to day where you go, and maybe go to a nice place for nice weather. In addition, you have an isolated space, so from the point of view of the risk of infection, it is the safest, “says Pacovský, who has been traveling with a motor home for five years.

Interest in motor homes has been growing for a long time, and the strict anti-epidemic measures of the last year have also significantly helped dealers. They have been selling out for several months for the 2021 season. “Sales increased by more than 200 percent in the last quarter,” adds Pacovský.

This is also confirmed by the owner of one of the largest caravan shops and rentals in the Czech Republic, AutoPartner Plus, Daniel Havelka. “It is a problem to meet demand. We currently have one caravan for immediate sale, the rest after the season, “says Havelka. According to him, due to the closure of accommodation facilities, caravans and trailers began to be bought by those who would not otherwise consider this way of traveling.

According to the renters of motorhomes and caravans, all will be booked in the summer season.

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Similar interest is observed in rented cars. According to him, in the spring of last year, people were afraid to travel, but in June, the fear subsided and a strong season began. Such sellers and lessors of motorhomes expect this year as well.

“It would have to be a really sharp lockdown so that the cars couldn’t drive. A holiday with a caravan is the number one holiday this year, because you are most likely to be able to make it a reality, ”says Havelka. He calculates that all 60 cars from his rental will be used throughout the summer. Already, the rental capacity for the season, which lasts from May to September, is 60 percent full.

The average length of rentals is also increasing. More and more people are looking for housing on four wheels for a month or more. “These are people who want to make a home office, for example, where they have been at the year, and spend it at least a little differently in the summer than at home in the living room,” explains Havelka.

Homeoffice even in a cottage or cottage

Due to the closure of hotels and boarding houses, the demand for own recreational housing also increased. In the last year, people are up to 40 percent more interested not only in renting, but also in buying their own cottage. This increase has been observed by real estate companies since last year, when the coronavirus arrived in the Czech Republic, and they expect record interest this year.

We expect them to continue to grow as demand in this segment significantly exceeds supply. In the long run, the greatest interest is in recreational facilities in the Giant Mountains, Šumava, Jizera Mountains and the Beskydy Mountains.

Vladimir Zuzak, Maxima Reality

This is also evidenced by the director of Maxima Reality Vladimír Zuzák, according to whom the interest in staying in nature is huge, especially in those months when children are in distance learning and many parents in the home office, and can do work from anywhere.

More and more people are remodeling their cottages and cottages into permanent housing.

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However, with the growing interest, the prices of holiday housing are also rising. They have increased by 20 to 35 percent since the beginning of last year. “We expect them to continue to grow because demand in this segment significantly exceeds supply. In the long run, the greatest interest is in recreational facilities in the Giant Mountains, Šumava, Jizera Mountains and the Beskydy Mountains, “added Zuzák.

In many cases, people also convert their holiday homes into permanent housing. Some cottage areas are inhabited all year round by up to a quarter. Others prefer long-term rentals. “Renting a cottage for a whole year often makes more economic sense than spending on individual nights,” says Bezendlitky CEO Hendrik Meyer.

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