Czechs unexpectedly found a place where they shop at prices like many years ago. Absolutely the highest quality, people don’t understand

A few days ago we learned the unpleasant news that food prices are not over yet. The manufacturers have not yet managed to pass all the increased input costs into the prices, so they are preparing to do so in the autumn. So it can be expected that it will be really expensive again in regular stores, and that’s in the season when the most goods are bought.

People are looking for cheaper alternatives

So it is not surprising that people are looking for different alternatives to help themselves. There are quite a few of them, and all of them are much more interesting than shops of foreign owners, who only monitor the level of their margins and try to constantly increase them.

For example, stores with the cheapest food, which are now mushrooming, are currently enjoying great popularity. In addition, they are becoming more professional and offer a practically complete range that you would buy elsewhere. Of course, at half the price and even lower. The disadvantage is the reduced quality of these foods, mainly due to the fact that they are shortly before the use-by date, or even after it. This may not suit everyone.

Another option is to buy at the markets. But even here there are significant differences. For example, popular farmer’s markets in larger cities tend to add more weight to your wallet than ease it. Marketers here call themselves ridiculous prices for ordinary produce, which “people from the city” willingly pay them for the fact that they feel good about having bought something fresh from the countryside.

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It is much better to go to long-term markets, where prices are stable within reasonable limits, because people simply come here to buy permanently. We can also find one of these in Prague, in the famous Hall 22 of the Holešovice Market.

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You can find absolutely everything here

Although this market has taken a number of hard hits, resulting in the disappearance of several interesting shops, the food market is still holding its own. And if you visit, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Here you can buy great fruits and vegetables at prices that regular stores will never offer you again. In addition, you will be buying from Czech producers and not, for example, onions from New Zealand. But you can also buy cheap meat, fish, or various specialties from different countries here. You just have to ask, you will eventually get everything at the individual stands and you will have a great shopping experience.

Recently, Czechs have literally fallen in love with Hall 22 and other similar marketplaces. If the current crisis contributes to the fact that people learn to buy quality food at fair prices again, then at least it was useful.

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