Dads who came across things when Na-young Kim’s child’s college tuition was the most expensive compared to stock accounts

‘Dads who crossed the water’ (Photo = broadcast screen capture)

Kim Na-young revealed that she prepared for the college tuition of her two sons with stocks.

On the afternoon of the 4th, MBC’s ‘Dads who crossed the water’, ‘My child’s economic idea! The topic of ‘From when and how should we teach?’ was covered.

On this day, MC In Gyo-jin said, “These days, some parents let them create and manage stock accounts.”

In response, Kim Na-young said, “I, Shin-woo and Lee Joon, opened a stock account in the future. I put the college tuition in advance”, but also drew attention by crying, “I bought stocks when they were the most expensive.”

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