Dafne Keen in ‘Viento Sur’: father, mother and daughter in the same cast

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For the dead man’s ashes to reach the sea, his relatives have to wait for the south wind to blow, the fastest but also the most pernicious, the one whose current runs at an average speed of 120 kilometers per hour. There in the Cape Machichaco LighthouseIn the town of Bermeo, the sister of the deceased waits for the wind with her best friend, waiting for the perfect moment.

The Basque scriptwriter and director Alvaro Garcia-Capelo (Canícula) is the thinker of this story that brings together the family of actors made up of Will Keen (Love and other disasters, Operation Mincemeat, Dark Matter), Maria Fernandez Ache (Hidden truths, Lost in Karastan, The Mallorca Files) And your daughter Daphne Keen (Logan, Materia Oscura, Star Wars: The Acolyte). The movie is called South wind and it arose after the family spent a summer with the director and got to know the lighthouse where García-Capelo’s sister is a lighthouse keeper.

So we could call South wind like a true family drama that has managed to be done in installments, with a low budget and very few actors. “There are many factors that make this film something very special. First let this be a project of love, delivery and commitment. It’s a very movie indie, with a very low budget, in which we have put a lot of effort. It has been a friendship project and I think that shows,” he says. Fernandez Ache.

In conversation with the two actresses, mother and daughter, the question becomes obvious: how was it, what is it like to work together? “Very funny. Actually, we’ve been working together since I started acting at the age of eight or nine.. But we had never worked as two actresses; always she directed me and I acted. The role change was interesting,” he says. Daphne Keenwho participated in this film while doing the casting for Logan (2017), the film with which her acting career began to take off internationally. «The entire shoot was an anecdote. It was so indie that we were a team of five people maximum and some friends from the industry who also came to help”, adds Dafne.

Maria Fernandez Achewho has just performed the play at the Teatro Español Spectraadapted and directed by herself, also tells us about the advantage of filming South wind stay at home and become something as personal as intimate. On the tape, he sustains himself, he manages to mix the metacinematic and the metanarrative in this way. “We see it when I give Daphne’s character a dollhouse that I never finished making with my daughter because she grew up and left. At that time it was a dollhouse that belonged to Dafne herself and that we didn’t finish doing either».

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