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Daile Theater has announced a construction procurement “Reconstruction of Daile Theater Small Hall and Rehearsal Hall”. The amount of the planned contract is set at up to two million euros without VAT, the deadline for submission of tenders is 4 October this year.

“The theater must be able to live with the times, not only choosing a contemporary repertoire, but also offering modern playgrounds. The Small Hall of the Daile Theater is morally and technically outdated. The conversions we have planned will significantly improve the comfort of the spectators, as well as visibility, audibility, air exchange and increase the number of seats from 200 to 370. The small hall will become the New Hall and will have a functional balcony. We will also be able to modernize the stage. In addition, a huge problem with the hitherto non-existent smoke extraction system will finally be solved. Nowadays, theater halls can no longer exist without such modern systems. In today’s competitive environment, not only the artistic level of performances is important to the audience, but also the quality of viewing, ”says Juris Žagars, the director of Daile Theater.

The redevelopment project involves work in several directions, namely lowering the floor of the existing Small Hall to achieve better stage visibility, significantly increasing the spectator capacity of the hall by gaining a two-level space with a balcony, and raising the stage space, allowing directors and actors to use the Small Hall as a full-fledged component of modern theater.

The vision of rebuilding the premises has also allowed us to think about a new and spacious rehearsal hall. The existing, awkward and Soviet-era 3rd and 4th floor rehearsal rooms would be combined into one large and modern playground or “black-box” hall, where smaller-scale performances could also take place.

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Aile Theater moved to the new building, designed by architect Marta Staņa, in 1977. The existing Small Hall was originally intended only for theater rehearsals, as well as congresses and lounges for the LSSR management nomenclature, these premises are both morally and physically worn out and their full use requires reconstruction and repairs in accordance with the modern theater audience and theater operations.

The authors of the reconstruction meta project are the architectural office Sudraba Arhitektūra. For the implementation of the reconstruction, Daile Theater envisages a long-term loan to the state treasury, the repayment of which will be guaranteed by a strict business plan. The plan has been presented to the Ministry of Culture and will be awaited for approval by the Ministry of Finance and finally by the Cabinet of Ministers after the completion of the procurement.

It is planned that the reconstruction in the Small Hall of Daile Theater will start in the beginning of 2022.

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