Daily horoscope for October 15: Money luck for Libra, happy moments for Pisces


The day is auspicious for resolving any misunderstanding or emotional disagreement with your partner. Try to communicate more with the person you love. It is time for compromises.

Your emotions will play a big role in making any decisions related to your work. Use your energy solely for your work and do not allow anger to prevail.

The cost of promises and words is extremely low, so it is not necessary to rely on reliability in the business partnership. Also, this day is unfavorable for concluding trade deals and trips.


Today you may feel the need for beautiful sensuality, romantic attitude and more tenderness. Your mind and emotions are difficult to reconcile today.

You will have a lot of energy and enthusiasm to work today, but there will be no shortage of problems to stop your work. Solve the problems and move forward with your plan for the day.

For many of you, the day is good for finances. Today you will probably have less expenses, at the same time your income, although hesitant, will be on the rise.


The day is set to be gently motivating in intimate terms. The love affair will be filled with warm romance. Shake off the accumulated tension.

Communicating with your colleagues today can be a little more difficult and stressful than usual. You will probably need to speak in plain text so that you are not misunderstood.

Every opportunity that comes today is definitely worth the time. Put it in perspective with the state of your assets and make an informed decision.


Expect a rainbow of romantic longings in love. You will enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your loved one. Challenge your partner to feel adored and significant.

The tension that has accumulated in you will most likely come to the surface that day. Do not blame your colleagues for your bad mood and do not blame others.

Watch out for impulse purchases and unexpected bills that will land on your doorstep, as they could make a significant breakthrough in your finances.


Today is the perfect day to solve long-awaited problems and strengthen your love. You will probably find that your relationship is more thrilling than you thought.

You will definitely be able to attract the right people to your side today. Your hard work will be applauded by your bosses, so it will be among the most remarkable employees today.

You will not do well in the financial sector today, so be careful not to incur losses. Some people will try to deceive you.


Emotional disagreement will be at the heart of your relationship that day. There are discrepancies between you and your partner. Try to find a common language in such a situation.

The financial incentive will be leading for you during this day, no matter what profession you practice. You will be able to make many more work commitments to increase your income.

The money problems you may have had in the last few days are starting to subside today. You are probably about to renew money, which will lead to abundance and prosperity.


You will probably start a more in-depth communication as a married couple. Issues related to love and romance will be a priority this day.

Your working day will be much easier than usual. This does not mean that you will be lazy, but on the contrary it will be good to try to be more productive in order to finish the work tasks quickly.

This day is full of money luck. A business partnership can put all the chances on your side. It is possible that one of your close friends will offer you a promising deal or an idea for financial success.


You will probably feel the need for more romance and more understanding. Maybe you will be ready for romantic adventures that will move your love life.

Only if you try to communicate clearly and concretely with your colleagues will people respect you. In order to put your ideas into practice, you must have strong arguments to defend your position.

The negative influence of Mercury will make any significant investment a particularly bad idea today. Wait a while to make a good financial move.


By connecting your words with those of love, you will easily be able to show the true level of your caring love today. You will have the opportunity to merge your hearts with your voices, expressing the depth of your love.

Unusual as it may seem to you, you will probably need advice from a younger colleague today. Knowledge of the technology of younger staff will help you deal with a problem that interferes with your work process.

During this day, it is advisable to control your budget financially. Pay special attention to your expenses and obligations. Be careful, there is a possibility of losing money.


There may be some friction in family relationships. or squabbles intimately. To avoid possible collisions, you need to take a balanced approach. Everyone knows that emotions are bad counselors.

You will have some free time to relax on this working day. Do not fill this time with additional work tasks, but give yourself time to enjoy this short break.

Your financial affairs will be volatile today. There is a chance that you will both win and lose, because you will not know where and what will come out. So use every opportunity to win.


Singles will be the focus of attention for the opposite sex. Be careful with hypocritical people, love hovers in the air, but it can be a chimera for you.

Probably, the energy from the stars today will prompt you to think and take stock of your career. You will have the opportunity to think about where you want to be in time and which of your long-term goals have already been met.

Your expenses can drastically exceed your income. The reason is not the availability of a little money, but the fact that your financial appetites for spending can increase to unreasonable values.


A chance meeting can take you back to the romantic past. It will most likely awaken the happy moments that you have long kept jealously in your heart.

Difficulties and problems will mark your working day. The discrepancy between your expectations and reality will disappoint you to some extent and from there some conflict may arise.

You will probably be able to find a place today where someone can help you by giving you a cash loan or taking out a loan with a satisfactory interest rate for you. Expect good financial deals and agreements for the upcoming.

The horoscope was made for all readers of Trafficnews.bg by the esoteric analyst Krassimir Kurtev – Doctor Honoris Causa.

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