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Daily journalists report their detention in Venezuela


VIDEO – From their arrest in front of the presidential palace in Caracas for their release, Baptiste de Monstiers and Pierre Caillé told Yann Barthès about their misadventure last week on Monday evening.

"It seemed like a bad movie". Just returned from Venezuela, where they were detained for two days, journalists from daily, Baptiste de Monstiers and Pierre Caillé, testified on Monday evening on the set of their show. They started explaining that they went to this country as tourists. "We have made the decision to enter without a press visa because when we decide to leave, get a press visa, it's very complicated, it can take three months, and we made requests, we did not have any," said Baptiste de Monstiers to Yann Barthès , stating that they were not the only journalists in this situation. During their relationship, they filmed everything for iPhone.

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It was at the third police check, during the shooting of the presidential palace in Caracas, that the two reporters were arrested. The numerous stamps on their passports from Iraq, Guinea, Egypt or Yemen do not "please" the officers who then decide to take them to the presidential palace in the offices of the Venezuelan army secret service. After verifying their identity, they are transferred by armed men to the Elicoid of Caracas, the headquarters of the political police of the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. "A dark place", according to a specialist on the plateau, where "torture" takes place.

"We sleep in handcuffs, two on a mattress on the floor"

Baptiste de Monstiers in the daily Monday, 4 February 2019

Handcuffed, "photographed from all angles, searches", journalists undergo a lot of procedures particularly hostile to their arrival in detention. They are also questioned about the DGSE, French internal intelligence and diplomacy. "For them, we are more than journalists, they take us for the spies, they complete Baptiste de Monstiers From the moment they think we are enemies, spies, everything they will find about us will comfort them in this idea. held for two days.

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Conditions of detention are difficult. "We were entitled to a glass of water that we shared every day," reveals Pierre Caillé. "We sleep in handcuffs, two on a mattress on the floor, it's about 15 to 16 degrees, I'm in a t-shirt," adds his colleague, "the air conditioning is in. We're in some sort of office, but we do not see the And we begin to lose confidence in ourselves, because the way they interrogate us is, once they are very kind, and there later, they come to see you discreetly, there are some that make you slip into your ear You're not going to see your family anymore, you're not going out there, nobody knows where you are, you have no rights, you're not home After you've been transferred to a parking lot in the middle of the night, they're finally released. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had quickly seized the dossier to request the release of these two Frenchmen.

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