Daily meditation: these 7 health benefits, according to the experts!

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It is true that the fruits of meditation are not something that can be acquired overnight. However, once you manage to incorporate this ancient practice into your daily routine, the effort will be well worth it. There are many advantages to invest five minutes of meditation a day. And it’s not only us, but also the experts.

The daily benefits of meditation

1. Reduces the effects of stress

Learning to educate the mind is not easy. But it has been shown that the meditation helps us connect with ourselves and with the moment here. This allows us to detect and control our emotions and feelings. Because “one fundamental thing is to know that meditating is not about leaving the mind blank. On the contrary, it is becoming aware of everything that passes through your mind. Meditation is an awareness, a training, to stay in the present.“, specifies Mercedes De La Rosa, experts in yoga and meditation.

Therefore, meditation helps to fight the stress and its adverse effects. Because “meditating not only allows you to understand what is happening in your esprit. But also to concentrate on the present, which deprives you of the possibility of being invaded by the past or the future, and the emotions resulting from this,” adds Mercedes. “If you don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, emotions like anxiety, fear and sadness have no place.”

2. Helps the brain stay young

Integrating meditation into daily life “could limit the effects of aging on the brain”, says the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Marbella. “Harvard researchers have shown that meditation increases the amount of grey matter in areas of the brain involved in learning, memory and emotional control,” adds the expert.

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All day we go from thought to thought, from task to task. It is true that it is very difficult to be in the present all day. But with meditation you learn to sense that you are gone. Then you come back. This training is what translates into real life, helping to work on mindfulness.

3. Reduces pain

“People with experience in meditation tend to have 40-50% lower brain responses to pain than people who don’t practice meditation. Because she comes to produce changes in brain structures associated with the treatment of pain“, notes the wellness clinic.

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The health benefits

4. Improve your health

“People with cardiovascular risk who benefit from a better diet and physical exercises or transcendental meditation sessions, can reduce their risk of heart attack, stroke by 48%. And death,” explains Mr. Marbella. The reason ? These changes are associated with a reduction in blood pressure. And a reduction in pace cardiac and respiratory rate.

In fact, “mindfulness meditation has effects on genes. Pro-inflammatory genes are less expressed, which explains why the body recovers more easily after a stressful situation”.

5. Helps you sleep better

Several scientific articles have put on the table the relationship between relaxation and immune system. Not only because meditation lowers blood pressure, which helps our bodies function better, but also because “if you lower your stress levels, you also help get better quality sleep.” Because you turn off your thoughts“, adds Mercedes. “When you sleep well, you regenerate more and better. By having a higher level ofendurance in the immune system. And so you generate more defenses, and you have more health.

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6. Improves empathy

A few minutes of meditation have been shown to be effective in predisposing people to closer personal contact with strangers. “At the end of the day, empathy is love,” says Mercedes. “And often we don’t have empathy because we don’t love ourselves. Meditation allows you to connect with yourself, speak to your spirit, gradually improving your relationship with yourself, and therefore with others”.

7. Promotes the emergence of positive thoughts

Among the benefits of meditation, there is one which cannot be omitted and which concerns the psychologie positive one of the currents that makes the most use of relaxation practices. And the fact is “What stresses or anguishes us comes from the appearance of negative feelings, which we do not want to accept or which we send back to ourselves. By meditating, we come to become aware of what we feel, to accept it, but also to be more fulfilled and confident. This gives rise to the emergence of positive feelings that help to face everyday life in a different way,” explains Mercedes.

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