Health Dairy products lower the risk of diabetes and high...

Dairy products lower the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure

Those who consume dairy products daily have a lower risk of developing the metabolic syndrome.


Tue May 19, 2020

A large international study shows that eating at least two servings of dairy products a day is associated with a lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. The effect was particularly clear with whole milk products.

Among nearly 130,000 participants between the ages of 35 and 70 from 21 countries, it was found that those who consumed many whole milk products were less likely to experience symptoms of a metabolic syndrome. The scientists report this online in the specialist magazine BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

This is a metabolic disorder, which includes high blood pressure (more than 130/85 mmHg), a waist circumference over 80 cm and increased blood fat and glucose values. Compared to people who did not consume dairy products, the risk of metabolic syndrome was 24 percent lower with at least two servings a day, and 28 percent with full-fat dairy products. The risk of diabetes and high blood pressure was reduced by about 12 percent.

Dairy products could protect health

Based on their results, the researchers believe that dairy products could be a simple and inexpensive prevention of high blood pressure, diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

For the study, participants completed questionnaires about their eating habits. Dairy products included milk, yogurt, yogurt drinks, cheese, and dishes made with dairy products that were classified as full or low-fat. Butter and cream were considered separately because they were not eaten in all countries. Information was also collected on participants’ personal medical histories, prescription medication, educational level, smoking and weight, height, waist size, blood pressure and fasting blood sugar.


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