Dallas’ Samantha was kicked out of the series for this reason: Larry Hagman, who plays Jockey, immediately threatened the producers – Világstzár

Linda Gray she played one of the most popular characters in the series Dallas, Samantha, who was the wife of Jockey Ewing. He got the iconic role at the age of 38, and finally stayed in the series from 1978 to 1991.

It was only a hair’s breadth that this would not happen, because the producers once fired the actress, as she herself testified in the Daily Mailnek in his interview.

Linda Gray fired from Dallas

When Linda Gray took on Dallas, it meant that she had to be away from her children for months, which made her feel guilty, but she successfully supported her family with her salary. The role of Samantha came with sacrifices, for example, she was not there at her son’s high school graduation because of filming, and her teenage daughter rebelled against her. In 1983, his marriage also fell apart, and he does not regret the latter, in fact, it strengthened him.

He became more confident not only in his personal life, but also in the field of work. She struggled a lot with the writers and producers to cast her on Samantha’s character and rewrite her persona to be much more vulnerable. She didn’t want people to see her as just a drunken and adulterous woman on the screen.

A few years after the start of the series, Larry Hagman, who played Jockey, and Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby, were given the opportunity to direct an episode each. Linda Gray would have done anything to be behind the camera like her male colleagues, but the production’s producer, Leonard Katzman told him that was out of the question.

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– I pushed this very hard, and in the end I got fired because of it, he admitted.


– Then Larry came to my defense, he told the producers that if I go, so will he. Of course, I knew Larry well enough to know that he wouldn’t have gotten out of the show, but it sounded really good coming out of his mouth.

Eventually, Hagman’s threats paid off, and the producers changed their minds and hired Linda Gray again, and she ended up directing five episodes between 1986 and 1989.

– I loved directing and I was proud of myself for doing it in the end.

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