DALS: Pamela Anderson eliminated, who is the big favorite now?


Pamela Anderson and her partner Maxime Dereymez were eliminated on Thursday evening Dance with the stars. The duo, despite a new 10 assigned by Patrick Dupond, came in last in the ranking of judges with a score of 59 points in the two performances (the first was dedicated to Michael Jackson, and the second was performed in a trio with Katrina Patchett) .

The American child, who fell in the scene during his second dance, ended face-to-face against Terence Telle (who finished first with 69 points and also had a 10).

And the audience decided once again to save the beautiful model, who jumped for joy in the arms of her partner Fauve Hautot.

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Now there are only four: Terence Telle, so Clement Remiens (with Denitsa Ikonomova), Iris Mittenaere (with Anthony Colette) and Héloïse Martin (with Christophe Licata).

From the beginning, to the first bonus, this celebrity quartet was a favorite of the competition. On social networks, net surfers talked about potential finalists and they were not wrong even if they were afraid of Terence Telle and Héloïse Martin who found themselves on the hot seat (face to face) several times.

But as in any competition, there will only be one at the end. So who of these last four candidates is the big favorite of adventure? Who is a step ahead of others?

If we believe the statistics, the actor Tomorrow we belong Clément Rémiens, who has the advantage of dancing alongside Denitsa Ikonomova (triple winner of DALS), has already won.

But it does not have to rest on the laurels of the last two numbers because even its competitors have arguments to do.

The former Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere amazes viewers and jury members at every bonus. Just like Héloïse Martin, whose curves do not prevent the achievement of good performance. And we do not talk about Terence Telle who, besides being sexy (and often bare-chested for her performances), is with the most famous dancer of the program: Fauve Hautot.

It will be extremely tight. But whatever happens, the candidate who raises the trophy will not have stolen it.

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