News Damages for brothers who were arrested during the tram...

Damages for brothers who were arrested during the tram attack in Utrecht NOW


Two men who were wrongfully arrested on suspicion of involvement in the tram attack in Utrecht last year, receive compensation, the Public Prosecution Service said on Wednesday.

The two men, who are brothers, were arrested after a scent dog led the police to their home in Utrecht. Not long afterwards, it turned out that the men had nothing to do with the tram attack. They were released the following day.

If persons have been on remand and it subsequently appears that they are not involved in what they were suspected of, compensation may be claimed. The two brothers did that. The amount of the compensation has not been disclosed.

Last week, Gökmen T. was sentenced to life in prison for the trauma attack. T. shot four people dead in and outside a tram on 24 October Square in March last year.



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