Damian Basile from Bake Off struck down Maru Botana: “Someone take the title from him”

Maru Botana shared in Instagram a photo of himself being super happy with his macarons ready. Nevertheless, Damien Basile de Bake Off Argentina (Telefe) made it clear that they did not resemble the French delicacy and he struck her down.

“Please, someone take the title or the cell phone. Can’t go out and say that those are macarons when you kill yourself so much to do them, “he expressed through his stories, very angry at the attitude of his colleague.

And he compared the ones that Maru had made with the final product that he had shared, noting that they were very different: “The ones he shows … And the ones he does on the vineit’s the…”.

It seems like rubbish to me share this recipe like this, a lack of respect for professionals. I can’t believe that has gone up, with what almond flour costs, with what it costs to make macarons, “he complained.

Before saying goodbye, he sided with Instagram users. “I imagine so many people following that recipe and throwing away the merchandise because it doesn’t come out, because they are going to go wrong … And those people take place on TV and one here like a jerk“, he sentenced, very spicy.

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