Damián Castaño surprises in Madrid through bullfighting

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Damián Castaño was the proper name of the livestock challenge with which Las Ventas September opened with some delay due to the suspension last Sunday. The minute of silence in memory of José Antonio Martínez Uranga was left pending from that celebration. The company forgot to communicate it over the public address system, so the result was confusion and strangeness.

Castaño signed authentic luxury naturals for its verticality, softness and rounded broad stroke second by Valdellán. A fierce bull – with a wide and aggressive face – that demanded seriousness in each of the phases of the fight. Task given to the latest bullfighting prodigy: Marco Pérez. Damián Castaño curled up the attack to draw those natural ones that are difficult to forget. Serene, confident, temperate and faint. A surprise in a task that had begun with the grip of submission, perhaps the second would not have been possible without this first part. The low finale, heading towards the stage, had the intelligence and flavor of the low ‘morisquetas’. A puncture and a stab fall ruined what was achieved. The return to the ring had the weight of a trophy.

The one from Juan Luis Fraile who completed his lot was a gem for his sense and his tendency to defend himself as a result of a lack of strength. He improved on his brother fighting in fourth place, a tough bull that under the deluge tried to take the wind out of Paco Ramos. Solvent image of the Castellón native ruined with the sword under the torrential rain that depopulated the streets -6,700 attendees-. Ramos, who opened the afternoon in Valdellán, left a good example of his hardened craft and his classicism. He could develop little more with a bull without surrender or humiliation.

He left a good image in an afternoon completely against Luis Gerpe style. Fine bullfighter who on the bench has maintained his good form but increased his strength. Precisely in a waste of attitude he wanted to finish the task on the third by hand, resulting in him being severely turned over when he was caught by the belly. The bull, narrow at the temples and fair in breed, did not respond. He closed the afternoon, with rain again, in a chapter of will persisting despite the decomposed onslaught that he swept past him, knowing what he was leaving behind.

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