Dana Morávková still looks great and few people would bet her fifty on the neck. What is the secret of her beauty?

Dana revealed that she took good care of herself. She loves walking in the woods, exercises and also uses vitamin supplements. And not just in the form of pills.

“I regularly go to my friend’s doctor for an infusion of vitamin C. And most of all, I like to laugh!” revealed according to the Seven of the magazine Exclusive.

Finally, she is so happy to be able to play again. “Even if I think about the question more thoroughly, one answer always comes to mind: people. And I really can’t imagine not hugging my colleagues,” she confided.

But the pandemic had one positive for her. Thanks to coronavirus, she spent time with her son Petr, who is otherwise studying in Britain.

“Believe me, like any mother whose child is studying abroad, I was glad to be home safely on March 15. I really can’t imagine living a thousand kilometers apart during the whole pandemic,” she said.

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