“Dancing with the Stars”. Kinga Sawczuk dropped out of the program. I do not feel best. “I’m on drugs”

Although the 12th edition “Dancing with the Stars” has been going on for several weeks, and many participants have already said goodbye to the program, and only now the real storm has broken out. Kinga Sawczuk’s dropout does not agree with a large group of fans of the program and stars, including Sylwia Bombawhich also appeared on this season of the show. And who is considered the weakest participant who should drop out instead of Sawczuk. What does Complexiara make of all this?

“Dancing with the Stars”. Viewers outraged by the vote. Iza Małysz also took the floor

“Dancing with the Stars”. Kinga Sawczuk comments about dropping out of the show

Kinga Sawczuk after hearing the decisions of the viewers who voted for their favorite participants, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She did not hide that she did not expect tverdict and was not prepared for the fact that her adventure with the program would end so soon.

Sylwia Bomba, Jacek Jeschke“TzG. Bomba starred from the beginning? She didn’t want to perform with Maserak

However, in one of the interviews, she humbly admitted that there were reasons why her two appearances in the final episode did not suit the voters:

Today I felt very bad since the morning … I am on many medications after a cold, that is, during a cold. But I don’t want to totally blame it! It has nothing to do with it at all – she said in an interview with Pudelek.

She also pointed out that she does not want to disappear from television and believes that someone has a “top-down plan” for her, because she herself has no idea what she could show on the glass screen. Perhaps producers will appreciate her fame on the Internet. The Kompleksiary channel on YouTube tracks almost half a million subscribers, and last year she published the book “Kompleksiara. How to appear on the net and be yourself?”

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Doda, Agnieszka Woźniak-StarakDoda is recording the opening credits and we are looking at the shoes. Woźniak-Starak also has them. They are brilliant

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