“Dancing with the Stars”. Kinga Sawczuk dropped out of the program. Iwona Pavloviæ is appalled

In the fifth episode “Dancing with the Stars“They said goodbye to the program Kinga Sawczuk and Jakub Lipowskiwho received 31 points from the jurors. After the announcement of the results, the influencer burst into tears and did not hide her surprise that she would appear on the dance floor of the show again. As it turns out, she was also disappointed with the verdict Iwona Pavlovićwhich gave vent to emotions in the conversation with Pomponik.

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“Dancing with the Stars”. Iwona Pavlović surprised with Kinga Sawczuk’s dropout

When Kinga Sawczuk found out that she was leaving the program, she could not hold back tears and openly admitted that she did not expect such a verdict. The honesty of the star was appreciated by Iwona Pavolović, who saw the efforts of the young star. “Black mamba “admitted that she herself had reacted emotionally during competitions in the past, and high scores could lull the influencer’s vigilance even more.

It only proves that she is a wonderful, wonderful girl who does not play anyone. I’m not surprised that she cried, that it broke her. She even said that she was not ready for it, because no one expected, when you got good notes, that she would be eliminated so quickly. I liked this emotional reaction of Kinga very much. When I was dancing, I had such emotional reactions too.

Joanna opozdaYou could read about Joanna Opoździe and her family problems everywhere. But not with us. Why?

For Sawczuk fans, however, the star has good news. She pointed out that she did not want to disappear from television and believed that someone had some “top-down” plan for her, thanks to which she could appear again on the glass screen. Her channel Complex on YouTube tracks almost half a million subscribers, and last year she published a book – “Kompleksiara. How to be online and be yourself?” Perhaps the peak of popularity is just ahead of her?

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