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From now on, computer players can also compete in Global Counter-Strike Offensive in Battle Royale mode. It is called the Danger Zone and is designed for teams of two or three soldiers for up to 18 participants. Anyone who only competes on the Blacksite card in solo mode automatically takes part in games with up to 15 competitors. In comparison, in titles like Pubg or Fortnite Battle Royale, up to 100 players struggle to survive as long as possible.

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According to Valve, the same weapons are used in the Danger Zone as in the rest of Counter-Strike, and there should be no difference in management. However, players get extra hit points so they can pocket more virtual balls. A game usually lasts about 10 minutes, says Valve.

One of the special features of Danger Zone: in addition to fighting the other participants, there are a number of additional tasks. Players can pocket some extra buyers when they take hostages in a rescue area, open safes with a code or explosives, or eliminate certain mission objectives. With the credits you can then request special weapons, which are delivered with a drone.

In addition to Danger Zone, there is another innovation in Counter-Strike Global Offensive: the game is now available for free, which according to Valve has access to "all game modes, matchmaking and a limited number of drops and weapons deliveries" It includes.

In addition, there is a so-called Prime Status update on Steam for about 13 euros, with which players can compete only with other Prime players, in addition to cosmetic extras. Access to Prime is also possible free of charge, from clashes up to level 21.


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