Dangerous Cyberpunk World: Shadowrun Trilogy Review

Night. The dim light of a smartphone illuminates the gloomy face of a tired reviewer. This buzzing is annoying, but it makes the brain work. Glancing at the screen, I saw another stream of numbers and letters. This is what the review codes look like. They are given to people like me when corporations want their next tens of thousands of people to know about their new or old craft. What is hidden behind these ciphers and shamanic letter combinations? Another middle peasant, maybe a blockbuster? No, they don’t usually send me blockbusters so suddenly. To find out for sure, you will have to redeem the code. You used to be able to use a dedicated app on your personal communicator, but now everything has changed and you have to do it from the console.

The piercing squeak that the system emits when turned on breaks the gloomy silence, and the light of the large screen fills the entire room. After entering special characters, I saw what was hidden behind this cipher. Shadowrun Trilogy. A kind of series of board games, which eventually moved into the virtual space, and now has reached the consoles and me in particular. Now I have to deal with Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut i Shadowrun: Hong Kongand then tell me what I think of them.

After all three games had downloaded, I began to run them in chronological order to familiarize myself. The first thing that became noticeable to the naked eye is the lack of Russian localization. The authors did not hide anything and explained. This is not related to the “new corporate ethics”, they just had some difficulties and the translation will be released after the premiere of the game. Being a professional detective at heart, I investigated and found out that in Steam only the first part has been translated, GOG although there is a translation of the second game, it is not official. The third part is not translated at all. Let’s hope that corporations will not deceive us and will release a patch or add-on with full localization.

The main question I asked myself as I explored all three Shadowruns was “Is this frankly inexpensive turn-based RPG worth the time?” There is no voice acting and a huge amount of text. Graphics and animations look like twenty years ago. In today’s world riddled with falsehood and empty promises, this archaic approach seems more honest. At some point, the story of Shadowrun Returns captured me so much that, forgetting about the budgetary methods of storytelling, I simply disappeared into a very exciting detective and at the same time interactive plot.

After I chose the gender and race of my protagonist, I had to learn combat classes. There were a lot of settings and nuances. With annoyance and some annoyance, I decided that first I need to read some recommendations and guides, of which there are plenty on the net. As it turns out, none of this makes much sense, because despite hundreds of tips, there are no bad options in this game. A variety of possibilities allows you to play the trilogy in different ways. For example, based on the “rigger”, which uses various drones, you can pump any other skills. By the way, I took the Dekker, because they know how to hack electronics and solve problems through a virtual environment. Classic fantasy magicians and shamans also have interesting skills. Yes, in this futuristic world, magic and mysticism coexist with high technology. This makes the surroundings more unique and unusual. Local shamans can call on various spirits and creatures to help, and magicians can launch “fireballs” and cast spells that improve the performance of allies or worsen the performance of opponents. All this can be crossed with various other skills and get interesting results. There are simpler options – street samurai, who skillfully handle firearms and melee weapons. The player is free to combine classes and characteristics as he pleases. This is what allows you to experiment and study the game exactly the way you want.

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