Dani Alves: “Barcelona could have gone head-to-head with me”

Dani Alves always speak loud and clear. The new Pumas player has spoken about his second departure from Barcelona. The Brazilian has counted in his presentation with the Mexican team how his departure came about: “There are ways and means of respecting ourselves, the people who have done great things at Barça. So I said, ‘eternally grateful’, but not for how they handled non-renewal. When I went to Barça I said that they would never have problems with me. Living in Barcelona is a gift of life. Do things with Barça even more, but… let them go straight on with me. If it goes, it goes. If it doesn’t go, it doesn’t go. But we had almost a month there to wait and tell me, hey, don’t renew”.

The footballer will have the opportunity to do what he was not told before the last LaLiga game: say goodbye to what has been his audience: “I had supposedly come back to say goodbye to the Camp Nou, to my people because in the end life treats people well. people who treat life well. And respect those who respect life. And he is giving me the right to come and play with Pumas and for the Gamper to go play at the Camp Nou so that I can say a good goodbye and not go out again like they kicked me out. They took me out the back door the penultimate time. And now, I didn’t go out the back, since my contract ended. And I said, ‘what’s going on?’ ‘Well, nothing.’ ‘Thank you, bye’. It doesn’t break my expectations because I didn’t expect much more. I had signed six months…and they had finished. But let me know before! The last game at the Camp Nou, against Villarreal, they could have told me: ‘Dani, you’re not going to continue here. And I could say goodbye to people right there.”

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Dani Alves39, has lived through two stages at Can Barça in which he has added 406 games with 22 goals and 104 assists. In the first period he played 389 matches achieving all the goals and 103 assists and in his second tour as a culé he has done so with 17 games and a goal assist.

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