Dani Alves breaks it in his first “pichanga” in jail

time passes and Dani Alves well you know. The soccer player has been in jail for almost ten days after being accused of raping a 23-year-old woman in a Barcelona nightclub, and everything indicates that his stay in prison will be prolonged, since The evidence against him is getting stronger..

This is why he Brazilian He is trying to adapt to Brians 2, the center to which he was transferred a few days ago. While waiting for his defense to file an appeal to reverse the preventive detention order and request provisional release, more details of his stay in prison were known.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, Alves is having a “model adaptation”. Even last Thursday, the World Cup player played his first soccer match in jail: “Officials, external professionals, management personnel and all the inmates from the neighboring module discreetly peeked out, sticking to the glass so as not to lose detail.”, indicated the Catalan media.

Along these lines, the Hispanic newspaper assured that The prison managers made the decision to prevent vision between the two modules with a cloth, so that the adjoining area does not affect the footballer’s neighbors and thus they can recover their “normality”.. In addition, the presence of the Brazilian, for obvious reasons, brought great interest and a high presence of spectators, so the determination also has the purpose of preventing “so many enthusiastic public” from observing the duels that involve him.

Dani Alves during a Pumas match, his last cast.

Alves is trying to make a life of his own to that of any inmate. According to the aforementioned newspaper, the soccer player assured other inmates that there is one more: “The footballer has been left out, and the Dani who is here is one more. I will accept what comes”.

In addition, the defender had a particular confession to relate his current situation to the complexities he experienced in his youth: “I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome in my life very difficult and complicated situations. This will be one more that will pass. nothing scares me”.

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After playing soccer and settling in prison, Alves met with his new lawyers, Cristóbal Martell and Arnau Xumetra, in presentation mode. There, his defenders presented him with the arguments for the appeal to request release on bail, before which he would have clarified that he has “no intention of escaping.”

Also, he made it clear to the lawyer his position of not receiving relatives in the compound. The soccer player does not want to be visited by his parents, especially by Lucía, his mother, who is staying at a hotel in Barcelona. According to the newspaper, Alves assures that he “feels ashamed” that his mother appears in prison.

Notably The native of Juazeiro was admitted to a module where there are only those accused of crimes of a sexual nature and that their sentences have not yet been handed down. That is, everyone is in a similar situation to him. In that sense, a curious fact marked the player’s stay. His cellmate is a compatriot nicknamed the same as a former classmate in the Scratch: Coutinho. The man has nothing to do with the current Aston Villa player, although he did have a relationship with another team that went to jail, because for a time he was part of Ronaldinho’s private security.

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