Dani Alves, the man who barked the ear of PSG – Champions League


At 35, the tireless Brazilian team should still fight against Manchester United in the Champions League return leg on Wednesday evening. Triple winner of the competition, the former Turin and Barcelona is, perhaps even more than Gianluigi Buffon, the man of the situation for PSG: one who does not hesitate to type where it hurts when it goes wrong. While holding the locker room in your pocket.

In Paris, everyone has eyes only for him since his arrival. Experience, reputation, winners, winning mentality. Already a picture of the wardrobe, like Juventus, already a " assistant coach-player By Thomas Tuchel. It is Gianluigi Buffon, of course. On Wednesday evening, the Italian goalkeeper should keep the goals of the PSG against Manchester United. However, another player from the capital's club also scores all the squares on this profile: Dani Alves, who is also inclined to start tackling Red Devils on the right wing of the attack.
To the detriment of old Barcelona: an aura chouïa, raw experience and class less than forty Italians. Performance slightly down, even when Buffon does not seem to have had a pass in the field. Yet, there is an area in which the Brazilian seems to be the eldest son for an old uncle: an ability to shake, shake, even openly overbearing his teammates.

Pushing his troops

The wardrobe of Taulier par excellence, Buffon is perhaps more a charismatic leader, a federator who reassures, advises, gives confidence in a wardrobe. Alves, who admits to goingalways at the extreme limit of a plot "It's more in the frankness, the outburst when it's needed, when the PSG does things upside down in the Champions League, like last year in 8es against the Real (1-3, 1-2), it is he who rises to the niche to say the substance of his thought. "There is no connection, general link. Lacks of binder and ends up being reflected on the ground. Can not run. "

The strength of Alves is also that he understood better than anyone else the importance of the media to shake his troops. Does not your speech seem to pass into the group? Let the world know and the pressure of the media will do the rest on its partners. Last November, before the big shock against Liverpool in the pools, he felt that a harvest is needed to shake his teammates. " Their(PSG Players) must understand the competition in which they play. I'm very comfortable in Ligue 1, but they have to raise the level for games against bigger clubs (…) . I do not think the PSG really understood who they faced when they played against Liverpool (Loss 3-2 per way). They are understanding it. Otherwise they will pay the high price to learn it, The man with 107 selections with Brazil in theTelegraph. An unmistakable message and a cash tone to which we add the oblivion ofwe"De rigueur for a"their"Irreverent: when others fear creating a break in the locker room, Alves, with his three titles in the Champions League, claims a position"above the mortals of the PSGTo send a message to your friends: do as I do and you will also win a title.

The heat every day, the cold intermittently

And it works: coincidentally, the PSG click in Europe intervenes againstReds(victory 2-1). And as we approach the 8this final match against Manchester United, thebinderClaimed by the man of 42 songs it never seemed so intense. Alves seems to have finally brought this suggestion of "negativism"The PSG will progress, while it is realizing the enterprise to remain one of the main wardrobe of ambianceurs.The heat every day, the intermittent cold.
And before the second round against Manchester, it is still the voice of Alves who is listened to prevent excess security. "We can not be too confident, we know that anything can happen in football.(…)It takes respect, because (Manchester United) is a historic team in the Champions League. The virgin team in this competition is us, not Manchester United, who has already won", He says in an interview with AFP, and this time, the"weReplaced the "their"…

By Douglas De Graaf



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