Dani Serrano is emerging as the new general secretary of the PP in Catalonia

Dani Serrano is, for a long time, the man of maximum confidence of Alejandro Fernández. Now the president of the PP in the province of Barcelona is outlined as a candidate for the general secretary of the party starting on Saturday, when Fernandez will take over the training for the extraordinary congress to be held in Sitges. As pointed out by various popular sources in the ARA, Serrano is the best person to raise Santi Rodríguez as Secretary General. In fact, his name sounded to maintain this position when Xavier García Albiol had to decide on his team.

Albiol will leave the seat and the presidency of the PP

The party will ratify this Saturday Alejandro Fernandez as president of the PP and will also take over from Xavier García Albiol who put his position at the disposal of the formation after 21-D. Dani Serrano is the director of Cornellà de Llobregat and the president of the party in the province of Barcelona. If the party does not convene an extraordinary congress to lift it from the position of Barcelona, ​​Serrano will accumulate two positions in the party, like Alejandro Fernández, who is currently president of the party in Tarragona. Both Fernández and Serrano are people linked to the current president of the PP, Pablo Casado. In fact, both were deeply involved in the "Married" campaign in July.

With Serrano as the right hand, the goal of Fernandez is to create a team that "integrates" all the families and sectors of the party, point sources close to the future popular leader. Now it seems that it also places people in the background in the background and who are part of the Fernandez circle of trust, like some members of the PP leadership in Barcelona. Some voices of the party, despite having a negative aspect that Serrano would be the new Secretary General, bet on the continuity of Santi Rodríguez, who believe that it generates more consensus within the party.

The question will be answered on Saturday, when the future president will specify all his team. In fact, in the last days, Fernandez has called and met several parties in the game to discuss the role they would have in the new direction. Although Albiol assured that he would build his team without family shares, the end result was a series of balances so that all sectors of the party were represented in the direction.

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