Daniel Kretinsky starts structuring his media activities in France


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Daniel Kretinsky, Czech industrial energy company, founder of the EPH group.
Daniel Kretinsky, Czech industrial energy company, founder of the EPH group. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP

Daniel Kretinsky, still unknown a few months ago in the hexagon, is gradually organizing his activities in the media in France. Czech energy industry manufacturer bought a weekly newspaper Marianne but also seven magazines of the Lagardère group (Elle, Femina Version, Art & Decoration, 7 days TV, France Sunday, Here Paris is public) which will actually be just from the beginning of February, when the task will be completed. These titles will be brought together in a structure to be created, called CMI France and a subsidiary of its media group in the Czech Republic, Czech Media Invest (CMI).

"It is not expected today that CMI France will also oversee the participation of Kretinsky in The world " specifies his entourage, without however ruling out that it is the case later. The manufacturer holds 49% of Matthieu Pigasse's shares since October, one of the two majority shareholders of the newspaper.

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Denis Olivennes gave a tip

Denis Olivennes, managing director of Lagardère Active, Lagardère's media division, should become chairman of the non-executive board of directors or chairman of the supervisory board of CMI France at the beginning of February, whose legal form has yet to be determined, according to Mr. Kretinsky's entourage. Mr. Olivennes's duties should allow him to carry out other activities in parallel, he adds. But the former leader of Fnac or Air France will be "Responsible for representing CMI France to third parties, such as public authorities or the profession, and also to propose the appointment of senior executives of the group, as well as to ensure its editorial independence", the same source is described.

Mr. Kretinsky used to say that he "It maintains the management teams of the companies it buys". The other leaders of CMI France will also be Lagardère Active. Claire Léost, currently director general of consumer publications, will become the general director of the billionaire's French branch at the end of February. Richard Lenormand, already named in November CEO of Marianne he will become chief financial officer. Both are considered close to Denis Olivennes. Mr. Lenormand worked with him on Canal + and Fnac. Finally, Valérie Salomon, president of Lagardère Publicité, will manage CMI France.


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