Daniel Luke: "I had never seen a public veto like that of Roca Rey with me"

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When the bullfight collapsed on the night of August 11 in El Puerto de Santa María, the last black Montalvo bull caught Daniel Luque by the lower abdomen with such violence that he pulled out his intestines with a butcher’s knife. As if hanging from a hook in the air. And when he crashed into the ring, he broke his fibula. Operated and stabilized in the infirmary of the square, transferred to the ICU of the Jerez hospital and, from there, by helicopter to the Macarena hospital in Seville, he advanced the intervention of the fracture because the days lost become centuries for bullfighters.

Luque, who was once again curdling an Olympic season, in that great moment that has lasted for years, he was left out of the game with his entire schedule full of commitments. From France where he reigns to Bilbao passing through Cuenca. Since then, barely 17 days have passed, when a premature date has already been set to reappear: September 9 in Arles. He is aware that neither the bull nor the fans nor the press will notice his superhuman effort if he does not return to 100 percent. But he also knows that with a date on the horizon, the body and, above all, the mind respond with a different enthusiasm. This is his first interview since the fateful afternoon in El Puerto. And also the first time he talks about his bitter controversy with Roca Rey. Or vice versa.

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