Daniel Luque, seriously injured in El Puerto de Santa María, "He arrived at the infirmary with his intestines out"

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Daniel Luque, injured by the sixth bull of the bullfight held this Friday in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), arrived at the infirmary “with his intestines out of the skin”, according to statements by Dr. Carabot after intervening in the infirmary of the square of a goring in the abdomen that eviscerates intestinal loops, with a serious prognosis.

This was reported by the medical report of the chief surgeon of the Plaza Real, who told EFE that the bullfighter is “stable” and has also detailed the details of an intervention that lasted nearly two hours.

The doctor has affirmed that Luque has entered the infirmary “conscious” and with “severe pain” in the area, and “quickly” they have realized the seriousness of the mishap.

“We have thoroughly cleaned the area under general anesthesia and reintroduced the loops of the small intestine into the tummy, once we have not detected any significant lesion in the loops or in any organ, and that there was no active bleeding either” the doctor stated.

“Subsequently, the abdominal wall has been closed, leaving a drain inside as a witness to the evolution of the next few days, that no hidden complications appear, and another one in the area of ​​the muscular wall, which is the one that we have closed. , in case there is any bleeding to evacuate the hematoma,” he added.

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