Daniel Noboa travels to Spain four days after winning the presidency

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The elected president of Ecuador, he centrist Daniel Noboahas gotten down to work without even having celebrated last Sunday’s electoral victory and with a month left until he is sworn in as the youngest president (35 years) of the history of the country. A race against time in the transition to the presidency when Ecuador suffers a wave of violence caused by drug trafficking.

Among his first actions is the express trip that he will take this Thursday to Spain to meet with investors, in search of money to finance economic projects. He will be accompanied by his wife, influencerLavinia Valbonesi, and part of his team.

Noboa, leader of the alliance National Democratic Action (ADN) and who defines himself as a “moderate social democrat”, will preside over his country for only 18 months to finish the current legislature after the “cross death” process decreed by the current president, the conservative Guillermo Lasso. In addition to Spain, he also plans to visit Italy, the country where Valbonesi’s father comes from.

Noboa has staged the biggest surprise of the year in the electoral field of the Americas, since only 10 days before the dispute of the first electoral round he only had 2% of popular support. The assassination of the anti-corruption journalist Fernando Villavicencio and his stellar intervention in the candidate debate, which he attended protected by a bulletproof vest, led him to the runoff dispute against the revolutionary candidate, Luisa González.

In the runoff, Noboa gathered 51.83% of the votes, an advantage of 3.66 points over the Correísta standard bearer.

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