Daniel Sancho appears for the first time without a lawyer in a telematic hearing in Thailand for the murder of Arrieta

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The Spanish Daniel Sanchoin provisional prison on the island of Samui (southern Thailand) for the murder of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, appeared this Friday for the first time without a lawyer before a judge in a telematic hearing, as confirmed by judicial sources.

Sancho attended by videoconference the hearing of the Samui district court, a routine hearing to extend the provisional detention regime in which he has been since August 7, without being represented by a lawyer in the Southeast Asian country for the moment. which is not mandatory until the trial begins.

The 29-year-old Spaniard has not had a lawyer in Thailand – where he can only be represented by a native of the Asian country – since September 7, after “discrepancies in the defense of the services of Thai Kunh Anan,” according to a statement. disclosed by the actor’s spokespersons Rodolfo Sanchofather of the accused.

The spokespersons are in turn members of the legal-criminological team supporting and advising Sancho’s defense from Spain, the Marcos García-Montes law firm and the Bafalgón-Chipirrás Legal Criminological Office, which work to “define, support and collect evidence to the line of defense,” reads the same statement.

Thai lawyer Anan Chuayprabat (Kunh Anan) had represented Sancho for a month, from the time he was brought into court on August 7 until September 7.

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