Daniel Sancho will be tried by videoconference in November for breaking a man’s tooth in Madrid in 2019

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Daniel Sanchoin prison in Thailand for the murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrietawill be tried in Spain for an attack that occurred in 2019, through a trial that will be held starting November 7 by videoconference.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, which refused to request the extradition of the cook, requests a compensation of 2,100 euros for the victim and one year in prison for Sanchoconsidering it proven that he got into a taxi in Madrid without respecting the queue and, when questioned by a man affected by his action, he punched him in the head which caused a broken tooth and a gap.

Although on September 8 the defense requested that Sancho be extradited to stand trial, the Prosecutor’s Office opposed it, considering that there are “alternative” measures to extradition that allow the trial to be held.

Furthermore, the prosecutor argues, “there is no evidence” that the accused’s stay in Thailand seeks to remove him from Spanish Justicesince “it has always been available to the Court in all the summons received.”

The Public Ministry recalls that the only agreement in force between Spain and Thailand is a cooperation agreement on the execution of criminal sentenceswhich only applies “to situations in which the person whose transfer is requested has been found guilty and sentenced.”

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