Daniela Celis excitedly showed her first apartment, after her time on Big Brother 2022: the video

Daniela Celis – apartment.jpeg

Through his Instagram Stories, Daniela Celis He uploaded a video where the keys to his first apartment can be seen close-up. Completely excited, and screaming with happiness, the former GH toured the three rooms of her new home.

With a wooden floor, the three rooms of the apartment can be seen empty, and his voice can be heard counting: “First achievements, now they do give me the keys. Obviously I don’t have anything, but with my presence it’s a lot. I have a bed, my mother’s bed, the rest, with love things will arrive, we are going to buy everything little by little “. Let’s enjoy it!

Daniela Celis from Big Brother 2022 showed her complete collection of sex toys: “I’m dying for…”

After the accident that he had on the air in MasterChef when he visited the program he leads Wanda Nara with his former classmates Big Brother 2022, Daniela Celis He showed on the networks the particular exchange he received with a box full of sex toys.

The girlfriend of Thiago Medina she received a box with different elements for intimacy such as flavored lubricants, dildos as well as rings and explained each of the elements, ideal for a night of passion.

“My first trade of the day. I love that they send me little letters but I like what’s inside here more, this box had been waiting for a while now”specified the former GH in her Instagram stories.

And she added about the box that was sent to her and she was amazed: “There are oils for massages, flavored lubricants, hot and cold effects, creams, dice game…”. “Apart from that we have here the important thing: the vibrator. And a ring that is for the man and serves to stimulate the woman”highlighted a sensual Daniela.

And closed after showing a dildo: “I’m dying to try this, since I don’t have time for anything, these little things are going to help me a lot”.

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