Daniela Darcourt is moved by the participant of La voz senior equal to her deceased grandfather

On August 31, Daniela Darcourt once again starred in an emotional moment during the blind auditions of La voz Perú. This time, the sauce boat broke down in tears when she saw a participant with a great physical resemblance to her grandfather, who died when she was a child.

The program’s coach tried to hold back tears, but finally couldn’t help but be moved when talking about the similarities she could notice with the interpreter Juan Ugarriza.

“I’m trying to calm down for a bit. You know that I started in music by my grandfather and turn and see the Lord, it is practically identical, down to the way he speaks. Fourteen years ago I have not heard my grandfather’s voice, I do not see him and I am surprised. I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling at this moment, thank you for giving me this moment ”, he expressed to his colleagues.

In the same way, Daniela Darcourt He told of the great lack that the presence of his grandfather makes him in his life and in his career.

“After the love I had for that man, I don’t think I’ll ever love someone like that again. His presence (of the contestant) on that stage has done me too much good. Thank you very much for that, ”he added.

Seconds later, the coach of The voice Peru and the singer Juan Ugarriza they joined in a tender embrace. However, the participant chose Tony Succar as his coach for the next stage of the competition.

After the emotional moment, the Peruvian sauce boat showed the cameras of The voice Peru a photograph of his grandfather to show viewers why he is crying.

The voice Peru senior: Lucía Galán calls Daniela Darcourt dramatic

On August 28, the female voice of the Argentine duo Burnet, Lucía Galán released a curious comment towards her partner Daniela Darcourt, to offer his impression on the emotional moments lived in the program.

Driver Cristian Rivero commented on how Tony Succar was moved to tears by the stories of the participants. However, for the interpreter of “Forget me and hit the back”, it was the Peruvian sauce boat who always found a resemblance to an applicant and a relative of hers, making her thrill.

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The senior voice: participant calls Daniela Darcourt ‘crazy’

On Monday, August 30, the participant Juan Jarrufe impressed the coahes in La voz senior by performing the song “El loco”.

Daniela Darcourt and Eva Ayllón were interested in having him on their team. To make known which team the participant would go to, he gave a curious answer.

“The decision does not seem easy to me, you are icons in the music of our Peru and my heart is divided right now, but at school they called me and they keep calling me ‘Loco’ and I have sung the song ‘El loco’ and I go with ‘La loca’ “said Juan Jarrufe.

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Daniela Darcourt and coaches of La voz senior dance “Pío pío”

On August 31, the edition of The voice Peru senior presented a funny moment after the audition of the participant Jesús de la Cruz.

The singer originally from Huancayo performed the song called “I am Huancaíno”, and made all four coaches turn for him.

After choosing to be part of the Tony Succar team, Jesús de la Cruz offered to teach Daniela Darcourt, the Pimpinela duo and Eva Ayllón a few steps from the huaylarsh “Pío pío”.

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