Entertainment Daniela Katzenberger defends daughter Sophia's clothing style

Daniela Katzenberger defends daughter Sophia’s clothing style

Updated May 19, 2020 10:22 am

Daniela Katzenberger publishes a new photo of her daughter Sophia – and causes a stir with her message. Is the cult blonde a raven mother? Why their fans get upset and how the cat reacts to the allegations.

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It is well known that Daniela Katzenberger’s daughter Sophia likes to dress up. On Instagram the little one is sometimes seen in a princess dress, sometimes with a crown. Exactly that is obviously not well received by all fans. It seems that Daniela Katzenberger is accused of allegations. In a new statement, she defends herself.

Because her daughter dresses up: is Daniela Katzenberger a raven mother?

“The kid only runs around with costumes. I really don’t think that’s funny anymore.” Daniela Katzenberger shared this comment from a user in her Instagram story. In her current post, she also goes into the subject: A new photo shows daughter Sophia and husband Lucas Cordalis walking through the city – and in this picture, too, Sophia is wearing a princess dress.

“My two treasures,” writes Daniela Katzenberger, among other things, about the snapshot. And related to Sophia: “PS: Yes, she can put on her princess clothes and even get out of it, despite the millions (in vain) of orders from numerous Muddis who consider this to be non-educational.” She adds a wink to the statement: “I raven mother”. Clear words with which the cat addresses its followers.

Daniela Katzenberger is proud of her daughter

Daniela Katzenberger does not find the costuming of her daughter reprehensible, on the contrary: “She can, she can and she will,” it continues in the post. “I hope Sophia will keep this trait for life. All the mom.” Katzenberger also underlines her statement with the hashtag “proud mom”.

In the comments on her contribution, Daniela Katzenberger gets a lot of encouragement from her fans. “Right,” says one user. “You’re a great mom! Keep it up,” comments another, and another user supports the alleged raven mother like this: “Children should stay children as long as they can. They will grow up early enough.”
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“Always have such an ass-horn problem”: In the new episode of “Daniela Katzenberger – Family Happiness in Mallorca” Dani gives a lot of deep insights, because the dress of the blonde is not closed



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