Danilo Guerrero Montero, defender of unusual music

The voice of Danilo Guerrero Montero is heard every Saturday in the Holguinero Radio System thanks to Puntos cardinales, a program tailored to good taste, not the tax, but the one that comes from the heart after a passionate encounter with the best of the universal music.

Danilo has become a defender of musicians who are somewhat marginalized, neglected, scorned, or not well listened to, which is why his passion for African musical wealth is his favorite.

But this Cybernetics graduate affirms that the wide range of his musical space ranges from Cuban, American, Latin American-Caribbean, African, Asian, Hebrew to European; from everywhere, because, he admits, he is interested in loving the power of quality music, regardless of geographical location, that is why Puntos Cardinales emerged, a program that writes, directs and conducts with mastery.

And although it is not the most listened to program of the CMKO station: Radio Angulo in Holguín, it is a space where Erick de la Cruz Rovira in the realization of sound and the advice of Tamara Manso catch his many listeners and occasional radio listeners, who When they enjoy it for the first time, they are invited, because they know how to appreciate the passionate intention of Danilo Guerrero Montero, that his musical taste of Holguin be expanded.

This space that was first recorded and broadcast at dawn in 2009, went on to broadcast live since 2014, selects the music of little-known artists but striking for their exoticism, with quality as a premise, of any age and any geographical area. said this passionate.

Danilo affirms that since childhood he felt that passion, and that his family, without being musicians, influenced that aesthetic taste.

The wide musical archive has increased with the contribution of other friends with similar interests and that at the University of Havana he found a greater range when he met many collectors like him.

In each broadcast of Points of Cardinals you can enjoy Miles Davies, or other proposals, or momentary sound trends but of great value such as Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, Nigerian funk, electronic music from a Jamaican source.

Danilo bets on various themes, as he says, without forcing tastes, that is why he seeks to know the death throes that lead him to this music and that more than impose them, be it to know and enjoy them, not taking only by the family tradition, the country or the regions , but by those lines of sound recreation of the towns.

It points out that not only the novelty, the successes, but that the sound is universal in scope, despite the reduced space in which some musicians and their productions are seen, say, native rhythms olive with the most global ones, and vice versa.

It seems that Danilo only dabbled in the weird, almost extravagant, but without qualms he likes to spread Cuban music, perhaps less listened to, but followed by connoisseurs, people with certain tastes that are not always refined, and even takes into consideration foreign audiences who acclaim for the good. that has been harvested in the largest of the Antilles. For this reason, his national music proposal that he dedicated to October 10, Cuban Culture Day.

This man of wide culture, who goes beyond music, cinema or reading, likes a Russian saying that on more than one occasion he has said in his Cardinal Points program, books are fabulous but a song tells you the truth, thus Danilo Guerrero Montero sums up his passion for the world of sound.

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