Danni Büchner makes her new relationship with “Goodbye Germany” colleague Sohel public

PublishedJan 13, 2022, 7:27 p.m

After her turbulent on-off romance with Ennesto Monté, the reality TV permanent guest is in love again. Danni’s new friend is Mallorca emigrant Sohel Abdoulkhanzad.

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Reality TV actress Danni Büchner (43) is in love again – she indicated that a few days ago with this chain.

Instagram / dannibuechner

Her new friend: “Goodbye Germany” colleague Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh (34), here with his ex Jasemin Ehrck and their son.


From autumn 2020 to summer 2021 she had an on-off relationship with pop singer Ennesto Monté (46).

From autumn 2020 to summer 2021 she had an on-off relationship with pop singer Ennesto Monté (46).

Instagram / ennesto_official

  • Last year, Danni Büchner (43) and Ennesto Monté (46) made a name for themselves with their turbulent on-off relationship.

  • Half a year after the separation, the reality TV actress is now in love again.

  • Her new friend is “Goodbye Germany” colleague Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh.

Love has been a difficult topic for reality TV star Danni Büchner in recent years: in 2018 her beloved husband Jens Büchner died of cancer at the age of 49, followed in 2020 by an on-off love drama with pop singer Ennesto Monté (46), which finally fell apart last summer. But now the 43-year-old seems to be happily in love again – with Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh.

The 34-year-old, like Danni, became known through the reality show “Goodbye Germany”; both emigrated to Mallorca. Rumors of a possible romance have been circulating for a few weeks and a few days ago Sohel’s ex Jasemin Ehrck even confirmed the love affair. Only now is Danni making the relationship public.

First she showed up on Insta with a necklace that says Sohel. Finally, Insta stories follow in which the newly in love give an insight into a date together: two hands clasped together, champagne glasses and the skyline of Hamburg.

People are already predicting separation

Danni is already receiving nasty messages about her relationship that prophesy a love end. In her story on Thursday, she comments in an ironic tone: “I would like to thank the people who foresee my future. Thank you for knowing how long something lasts with me, for knowing how my life will end.”

And further: «Mega, I’ve always been waiting for it. Very cool, at least I don’t have to pay any more money for any card readers.” Finally, she adds: «On that note, keep up the good work and I hope that what you wish for me, you will also get. Twice as much.”

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