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Love Island fans may have been saddened to hear that Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham's report have bitten the dust, but a person who will be absolutely happy to know that Dani is single again is her father Danny Dyer.

Danny and his wife Jo were worried about the impact the high-profile relationship could have on her daughter's career.

An unknown source told The Sun: "His father, Danny and his family, warned in advance that they did not think that attacking Jack was the best idea.

"They thought she would be stronger alone."

Jack does not seem to have spent much time with Dani's family since October

It is said that Danny and Jo have advised her daughter not to continue her relationship with Jack, but Dani "sincerely loved him and hoped it would be forever".

It is remarkable that Jack has not been portrayed with Danny or other family members since October.

Dani announced the separation from his fans on Instagram

Jack broke the cover briefly when he appeared in a message posted on today's Loose Women to support an appearance from his island partner, Niall Aslam, but he did not say anything about the state of affairs between Damage and if same.

Niall expressed his regret at the fact that the couple had separated, saying: "I'm empty of them, I thought they were a fantastic couple …

"… I thought they were the real deal."

The couple was together for four months after the end of Love Island

Dani announced the end of their love story on Instagram, saying "Jack and I have unfortunately decided to separate.

"It has been an incredible six months and we will always have a place in our hearts for each other, but unfortunately we realized that it is not meant to be long-term.

"We both plan to remain friends, I hope you will understand everyone, Love Dani x."

The pair is still intended to host the 2019 NTAs backstage coverage together

However, Dani, 22, then deleted the post before it expired, throwing his decision in some doubt.

Dani's acting career continues, will be the next to be seen in the British horror film 031 in 2019 and reportedly received a number of offers from television production companies.

MirrorOnline contacted Danny representatives for comment.

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