Darian invites you to live the experience of studying music from home

Lima Peru.-. The young singer-songwriter Darian invites all people of different ages, both national and international, to live an unforgettable experience of studying music from their homes in these times through which the world passes through the COVID-19 pandemic to be part of Prom Music & Art Acedemy, where they have an outstanding team of professionals who will teach them the various courses.

To register and obtain more information about the courses at Prom Music & Art Acedemy, you just have to call 947 337 909 and / or 923 224422 or write to info@pma.edu.pe respectively.

Pedro Callan, director of Prom Music & Art, from his beginnings as a professional musician (UPC) and artist, always knew that in music talent is important but it is not everything. “I have always thought that in Peru there are many people with talent and creative capacity for music, but if technique is added to this, it would help to take the music industry to the next level, hence the idea of ​​creating programs that offer a balance between both elements: “Creativity and technique.”

For many years Pedro was a singer-songwriter known by the name of Darian. After obtaining important achievements, such as becoming a voting member of the Latin Grammy, and positioning his music on international networks such as MTV, Pedro sensed that it was time to teach and democratize music education in Peru. “I opened the school in December 2017, because I always thought that studying innovative courses such as music production, songwriting or music marketing should be more accessible and fun, so I decided to open my own music school. I remember those days when I started alone, and now, after 3 years, we are now more than 40 people, including teachers and administrative staff, we are a big family ”.

He is also an industrial engineer from PUCP, complemented his great management skills at CENTRUM PUCP and EADA Spain, where he studied an MBA in Business Administration and Leadership respectively. “I think that studying a master’s degree has helped me a lot to lead the school, especially in an environment as changing and as competitive as the music industry, but the most important thing has helped me to lay solid foundations, with the values ​​and principles that every institution must count ”.

After the closure of face-to-face classes due to the appearance of COVID 19, the transition to the new normal was an orderly transition, given that PMA had already been contributing to digital education. Since 2019, tools such as virtual classroom, online and blended classes, materials and resources in the cloud, and online payment facilities have been implemented. “The growing interest in virtual forms of education in this new normal has made it possible to enhance the use of technological resources that we already had, democratizing even more access to quality education in different cities in the country and abroad.”

Today, PMA’s offer responds to the different needs of the market, that is, the courses taught are aimed both at people who require a short course, for hobby purposes, and at people who seek to make this a professional career. “The courses are designed as I would have liked to be taught, that is to say with a good theoretical support, but in a practical and above all fun way. For this reason, we have short courses of two (2) months, independent but progressively articulated courses to obtain a higher-ranking certificate (Progressive Certifications) and longer-term Academic Programs for people who want to make this a professional career. ”.

In mid-2020, PMA has also opened the modality of recorded courses, for people who want to study at any time and in any place, providing students with a platform in which they can carry out different activities after completing each of the modules such as evaluations , forums, exercises, among others. “Every day we design new courses, new content, and we strive to have the best teachers from Peru and abroad, working hand in hand with a first-rate professional audiovisual team and an administrative and software team that gives support constant for the continuous improvement of the school.

Prom Music & Art, has the objective for 2021 to continue bringing quality education to different Latin American countries, and thus fulfill its fundamental mission, which is to strengthen the music industry with creativity and technique.


Prom Music & Art Academy.

Phones: 947 337 909 – 923 224 422.


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