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That e.g. I think Solaire is hard to save in the first round from the approach. He is not just gone, but you find out what happened to him and it fits well with the world being built. Side quests do not always have to end in successfully completing them. So you only know this from CRPGs, where you can occasionally complete quests with negative ends.

But to rise in an oath that has nothing to do with the rank of the store to open a shortcut that you can not know about, and all that after the last oath ascending has brought you no reward at all, is strong tobacco.
I suspect that this whole strand, the whole oath, fell victim to the cuts that all Izalith is suffering from.
Siegmeyer’s end of the quest is one of them.
I have to think hard now, but the quests actually only seem to cryptically crumble if they lead to Izalith. There are no really critical moments in the rest.
And unfortunately that’s also a reason why I can only recommend Dark Souls Remastered to a limited extent. From / Bandai would have had a chance to fix a few things here. But they didn’t use them.


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