Data on the Decline of Corona in Jakarta Called Anies Thanks to ‘Avengers’


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan again showing the control of Corona cases in Jakarta. Anies likens this to the movie ‘Avengers’.

This is because according to Anies, controlling COVID-19 in Jakarta does not only involve one person. Instead, it involves many parties, from the ranks of the DKI Provincial Government, the police, the TNI, to other parties, including the private sector and community organizations, including youth organizations.

“This is because collaboration, cooperation, cannot be done alone. So, this is the Avengers, not a single hero, there are many heroes,” said Anies when giving a speech for the Central Jakarta Youth Youth Service Month, as reported by Antara, Sunday (26/9).

He also said the vaccination program was a ‘weapon’ to control Corona. As well as controlling population mobility that is carried out together.

“We meet two, three times a week with the Provincial Government, Regional Military Command, Polda for a month, almost every day everywhere together, the mobility of the population is controlled,” he said.

Anies said the current condition of Jakarta was under control from the pandemic, because the positivity rate was already 0.7 percent or below the World Health Organization (WHO) standard, which was 5 percent. Although the percentage of positive cases has decreased, Anies said inspections were ongoing.

So what is the actual number of cases in DKI Jakarta? If you look at it, the number of cases of the Corona virus (COVID-19) in Jakarta has been below 250 cases, although the number has tended to fluctuate in the past week. This data was quoted from the website, Monday (27/9/2021).

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Fluctuating conditions also occur in daily cured patients in DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, the number of daily deaths for the past week has consistently been below 5.

The following is data on cases of the COVID-19 virus in DKI Jakarta in the past week:

20 September 2021: 91
21 September 2021: 106
22 September 2021: 227
23 September 2021: 165
24 September 2021: 181
25 September 2021: 133
26 September 2021: 168

Daily recovered patient data in Jakarta

20 September 2021: 409
21 September 2021: 313
22 September 2021: 287
23 September 2021: 253
24 September 2021: 328
25 September 2021: 199
26 September 2021: 127

Daily death patient data in Jakarta

20 September 2021: 3
21 September 2021: 4
22 September 2021: 4
23 September 2021: 3
24 September 2021: 4
25 September 2021: 3
26 September 2021: 3

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