Dataminer showed exactly how Radan falls on the player with a meteorite in Elden Ring – the boss’s skinny horse plays an important role

One of the most spectacular attacks in an action RPG takes place with the direct participation of a horse named Leonard.

Dataminer under the nickname Zullie the Witch released a video in which she showed exactly what happens to Radan, when during the battle he first flies into the air, and after a while falls on the player in the form of a meteorite.

A detailed analysis of the boss animation showed that before taking off, Radan pushes his horse named Leonard underground. As the dataminer noted, at first this detail may seem insignificant, but in the end it will turn out to be key. After that, the boss rises into the air to a height of 262 meters and disappears.

Radan reappears in the air after a few seconds in the direction the player is facing. The boss begins to fall rapidly, heading towards the character.

The main feature of the fall animation is that the boss is actually aiming not at the character, but at his horse. The dataminer found out that Radan and his steed are one NPC, parts of which are only temporarily separated during some animations.

When Radan is in the air, the mount he crushes underground will teleport under the player and wait to be reunited with the owner. That is why it seems that the boss is aiming at the character.


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