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Singer Valeria's daughter said her friend, rapper Sasha Skul, was seriously ill. Doctors have discovered cancer in a musician. Anna Shulgin asked for the help of all the attentions.

A few days ago, a young singer published on her post on Instagram where she announced a concert in support of the artist Sasha Skula. Recently, the doctors put a terrible diagnosis on the musician – cancer of the lymphatic system.

"Sasha needs our moral and financial support: a team of people close to him has decided to help and hold a big concert in support of Sasha Skula," the girl said. Celebrity added that the money raised will go to care.

In the comments, users wanted the strength of the musician in the fight against a serious illness. "Take care, Sasha. Wait", "Recovery to Alexander", he wrote to the subscribers on the page of his daughter Valeria.

Recall that in February of this year some media reported the death of rapper Sasha Skula. The information appeared on the official page of the musician in the social network. The representatives of the artist refused to share the details of the tragedy. Later, this news was refuted, he said "Express newspaper".


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