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A man who confronted Boris Johnson about the state of the NHS after years of austerity said his daughter is doing better.

Omar Salem confronted the prime minister during a visit to the pediatric ward of Whipps Cross University hospital in north-east London, where his seven-day daughter was treated.

Salem assumed the post of prime minister, complaining that there were not enough doctors and nurses in a conversation lasting about two minutes.

Salem said the situation is not acceptable and told the prime minister: "My daughter almost died yesterday. And I came here, the A&E guys were great, but then we went down to this department and it took two hours [imperceptible] and that's not acceptable. This department is not safe for children.

"C & # 39; was a registrar that covered the entire department and the neonatal unit. This is not acceptable, is it? There are not enough people in this department, not enough doctors, not enough nurses and not quite well organized. "

Salem tweeted Saturday: "Our daughter is much better, which is a great relief.

"Thanks to the ambulance / A & E staff and to the staff of the department who took care of her in the last days. He will remain in the hospital for a little longer for precautionary reasons. Thank you for all the messages of love and support. "

During his conversation with Johnson, Salem accused the conservative government of destroying the NHS while using its hospitals as a backdrop for political campaigns.

He said: "The NHS was destroyed … and now come here for a press opportunity".

Johnson said: "There is no printing here". But Salem made a gesture towards the cameras that filmed the confrontation, and said: "What do you mean that there is no print here? Who is these people?"

The prime minister explained that he was "here to find out" the situation, but the man said: "It's a little late, isn't it? Years, years and years of destruction of the NHS."

Salem, who is a Labor activist and was targeted by some on social media after the accident video came out, then tweeted: "Boris Johnson had the temerity to come to the Whipps hospital Cross for an opportunity press on the children's ward that my seven-day daughter is turned on, having been severely hospitalized yesterday in A&E. The A&E team was exceptional, but then went to the ward for hours without consulting a doctor. "

Salem said his role as a labor activist should not be used to dismiss his complaints about his daughter's treatment.

A hospital doctor who worked in the department, who was present at Johnson's visit, supported Salem's report, in an interview with the Guardian: "Obviously it was a totally invented press opportunity – he was shown great long the prettiest department in the hospital.

"I am a doctor who works in the hospital and the lack of resources, the levels of underfunding and the lack of personnel are beyond imagination."



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