Real dream genes for Sam Sheen

It’s been five years since the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men” celebrated its last episode. What has become of the stars Charlie Sheen (54), Ashton Kutcher (42) and Co. since then, you can read it here. However, the development of Sheen’s daughter Sam is even more exciting. She tried it out at the age of 16 as a model and got real dream genes bequeathed. Current videos of the pretty young talent are available in the video.

From child star to top model?

Charlie Sheen not only has his first year as a non-smoker in 2020, but also the development of his daughter. Sam turns his back on acting to now choose his own creative path. Before that, Charlie’s daughter had not only acted as a child star on Papa’s show, according to “imdb” Sam was also seen in Mama Denise’s reality show and in “VH1: All Access”. Now Sam is 16 years old, dyes the hair sometimes pink, sometimes blue, white, which is fashionable in terms of clothing, and has learned to pose in front of the camera. From one half woman has become a handsome woman.


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