daughter Zavorotnyuk brought questions about a sick mother

The girl insists that everything is fine with Anastasia, but the fans sense something amiss.

Anna Zavorotnyuk tries not to say too much about her mother, telling only about her life in Intagram, but yesterday, in her personal blog, the model could not resist a harsh answer.

Having arranged a session of answers to subscribers ‘questions, the daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was not left without fans’ concerns about her sick mother. One of the followers asked how the once popular actress was feeling, and also invited Anna to post a joint photo.

“She is a fighter, everything will be fine. We will not post a joint photo. What is this for?” – Anna answered with a question to a question, giving fans reason for optimism.

The obvious discontent of Anna Zavorotnyuk can be understood: probably, Anastasia’s appearance changed a lot during the treatment for oncology. At the same time, the worries of the fans of the 50-year-old actress can also be justified – news about her health appears too rarely.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Alexey Pletkin

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