David Beckham and his ongoing discussions with Victoria because of her OCD

David Beckham y Victoria They have been married for years and know each other perfectly. The former footballer even made public some time ago that he suffered a TOC (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that led him to act strangely at times. “Everything must be ordered in a straight line. When I put the soft drinks in the fridge, they must be even numbers. If I go to a hotel I have to put all the papers and books that are in the room in a drawer,” he explained at the time. .

Now, Beckham will soon premiere a documentary on Netflix directed by Fisher Stevens (at the moment he has no name), where we can verify that he was serious.

When will Beckham’s series premiere on Netflix?

At the moment it does not have a date, but everything indicates that it will be throughout this 2023. According to the first progress that we have been able to see, David will count the hours he spends cleaning and ordering his house before going to sleep and we will see him every evening by lining up light switches or cleaning candles. “It’s tiring to go around each candle. I trim the candle wicks and clean the glass. What I hate the most is the smoke inside the candle,” he says.

Some hobbies that have cost her many discussions with Victoria, since she has been forced to normalize her husband’s rituals. Some of those ‘disputes’ will be seen in the series. The reason? For example, leaving the salt out of her place in the kitchen. In addition, both in front of the cameras will exchange opinions on this matter in a funny and sarcastic way.

Throughout the chapters, we will get to know a Beckham better who will show unpublished images of his childhood and home videos of intimate moments of his family. He will also review his professional career and remember his best matches with the goal he scored that gave England the win against Greece to qualify for the 2002 World Cup.

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