David Beckham wants Olivier Giroud with Inter Miami in January

Inter Miami made their MLS debut in 2020 and they showed interesting things after reaching the playoffs. Diego Alonso’s team has among its squad renowned players such as Gonzalo Higuaín, Blaise Matuidi and Rodolfo Pizarro, however, everything seems to indicate that they will seek to make another media coup next January.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, David Beckham’s priority is to sign the experienced French striker Olivier Giroud, who at the moment has not been considered as he would like at Chelsea by strategist Frank Lampard. This season, Giroud has played six games in all competitions and added just one goal. In addition, in three Premier League games he has only 33 minutes played.

Otherwise it happens with the French National Team, where it has managed to score five goals in eight games this year. Despite this, Giroud’s agent in recent days expressed his annoyance and that of Olivier himself for the little game he is given at Chelsea and the Daily Mirror reported that Beckham seeks to convince the French attacker to join the ranks of Inter Miami in January, where he would meet again with Pipita Higuaín.

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The Eurocopa worries to Giroud

Next June the Eurocup will begin and one of Olivier Giroud’s great wishes is to be able to attend the appointment with his national team. For this, it will be important to have minutes and rhythm of the game at the club level, so everything indicates that one of the most viable alternatives will be to seek new challenges outside of Chelsea. Giroud had already been linked to Major League Soccer months ago and now, with Inter Miami, he could have a new chance to find greater consistency on the field.

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