David Bisbal: "I don’t know how long I’ll be able to defend my songs 100%"

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With the sun scorching at midday of this San Miguel summer, David Bisbal He waits in jeans and a jacket in a room. A few meters away is the largest rooftop pool in the capital with a handful of bathers soaking in it. We are on the top floor of the Emperador Hotel in Madrid, a strategic point for the man from Almería to arrive on time for the interview after a meeting with fans in the center.

He says he’s full of work. The promotion of his new CD, I feel alivewith the launch of a documentary about his 20-year career and lrecording of The voice Kids. The question is inevitable: how do you reconcile everything with small children?

“Rosanna and I organize ourselves very well, we are a team. Obviously my work takes up a lot of my time but, if I can’t take them to school, I plan to pick them up. I’m always there,” he points out.

There are two adjectives that I have not stopped hearing and reading every time his name came up: professional and machine. A curiosity without more but that defines well what the character is. First, because you have to have a job and know how to be in order to stay two decades on the front line earning the respect of the profession. Afterwards, because you have to know the trends and reinvent yourself to continue being a pop icon like he is.

“Instagram, TikTok and all these platforms will always help publicize your work. I like to adapt to everything and the truth is that I enjoy them,” he says before starting to talk about the viralization of the How are the machines?“For me it has been very strong. It is something that I have said all my life, just as there are people who say crackI monster the Pine. I nevertheless can not believe that. But thanks to what has happened with the video and being in The voicewhich the little ones see, there have been an important connection with young audiences“, he admits. “I have also done television programs that I had never considered before and with which I have had a lot of fun, like The resistance. That has connected me very well with people,” she adds.

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