David Hallyday: this humiliation concerning Estelle Lefébure who has not forgiven her father

In his book Laeticia, the true story, Laurence Pieau traces the relationship between Johnny Hallyday and her son David and explains how their story has deteriorated little by little. One of the reasons for the distance that existed between father and son? A statement about his relationship with Estelle Lefebure.

Laeticia, the true story, lifts the veil over the life of the widow of the favorite French rocker, but not that. While plunging into the past of Laeticia Hallyday, the reader discovers at the same time that many anecdotes that clan Boudou and Hallyday had never said before and lift the veil on the reasons for the distance that gradually nibbled the relationship between Johnny and his son David. A particular memory remains in the throat of the singer: Arthur (who was married to Estelle Lefebure) has, without doing it on purpose, dropped a bomb on the set of Do not touch my direct in November 2013.

When asked about his biggest moment of pressure on television, the guest recalled a concert he had hosted with Johnny Hallyday and in fact, he revealed that he had started his relationship with Estelle Lefébure at the time. The problem? She was still married to David. A difficult situation for the presenter: "It was a time when I was with his son's wife, so it was a little bit complicated as an atmosphere."

But the real betrayal is there: putting Arthur's claims at the end, David Hallyday realizes that his father has invited his ex-wife – who was not yet – and Arthur for dinner in Marnes-la-Coquette. One of his relatives explains: "In David's eyes, it's a bit like his father became an accomplice of deception." Laeticia Hallyday, touched by her stepson, will try in some way to appease the situation by evoking a dinner "With David's consent"… without success.

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